Temporary Injunction in CA Stops Dry Needling Activities

A lawsuit seeking a temporary injunction was filed in California against Kinetacore and it’s owners, Myotech Dry Needle and it’s owners, IDryNeedle, and Red Coral Acupuncture Supply company (Australian based acupuncture supply company who ships Myotech Dry Needles to the US), to stop Kinetacore’s live acupuncture demonstrations, the handing out of acupuncture needle samples and taking orders for needle shipments at the APTA’s California meeting. The lawsuit was successful in acquiring the temporary injunction. They have to be back in court later in March.

For more detailed information, please see the online press release here:  California Court Issues Temporary Injunction Stopping Companies from Dry Needling in CA Following CSM 2016.

Or you can view a PDF document here: Press Release – CA Court Enjoins Illegal Use of Acupuncture Needles.