Help North Carolina Fight Dry Needling!

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The North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board (NCALB) has directly taken on the fight against dry needling in their state by filing a lawsuit against the North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.  See the letter from Mary Cissy Majabe, President of the Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts below and go to to help fund their fight.

Even a donation of $5 helps show North Carolina that acupuncturists across the country won’t sit back and watch the safe and ethical practice of acupuncture to be compromised!


Dear Friends of Acupuncture,
You may have heard today that the acupuncture world received surprising and disappointing news. The judge overseeing the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board’s “dry needling” dismissed the action without prejudice saying that the NCALB needs to pursue some administrative procedures before returning to court. I respectfully disagree with the ruling as it ignores the important fact that the North Carolina Rules Review Commission has already determined that “dry needling” is outside the scope of practice for physical therapists.
While the case was pending, the NCALB filed information with the court reflecting two serious injuries which have occurred from physical therapists performing “dry needling” in our state.   One was a pneumothorax requiring emergency surgery and the other was a spinal cord injury which required hospitalization of the patient. No one denies they happened.
This is a disappointing turn, but it is not the end. Sometimes it takes longer to move through a difficult case. This can be especially so when you’re facing an opponent with immense resources and nationwide support. As the president of an acupuncture college in North Carolina, I hope that the NCALB elects to appeal this decision and continues in order to ensure patient safety.
At this point, I see two paths, one being despair and grief and the other Hope and Faith.  After some concerted reflection and meditation, I am choosing Hope and Faith. Alchemy has been defined as a process of changing a thing into something better by some seemingly miraculous power.”
I hope that you too can hold this vision of alchemy for North Carolina. I know that the will and wisdom emanating from our collective Jing and the presence radiating from our Hearts will illuminate this path.  Our patients and all citizens of the U.S. deserve health care delivery of acupuncture by well-trained and safe practitioners.
Please demonstrate your support for North Carolina by sharing the thoughts with 20 friends on Facebook and, as a token of your commitment for qualified acupuncture practitioners, consider contributing $5 to the Go Fund Me.
The NCALB is the only Board that has directly filed suit requesting that the courts declare:  Dry Needling is Acupuncture.
I tried to donate $1 tonight.  You can only make a minimum donation of $5.  Right now it is not about the money, but the NCALB needs to know that there is support from across the United States.  Please reach out to let the NCALB know you are holding them in your hearts.  The NCALB must make a crucial decision by Thursday afternoon that will affect this journey.  Your contributions uplift our spirits and our will to work on behalf of the safe medical practice of Acupuncture.
Sincerely, with deepest respect,
Mary Cissy Majebe, OMD
President: Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts
382 Montford avenue, Asheville NC 28801

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