Help Iowa Fight Dry Needling!

January 8th Update on Dry Needling from William Terrell, Co-Chair of IOMA

“I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s happening in Iowa re: dry needling. We’ve just gotten through a Declaratory Order process in which the IAOMA asked the PT Board to rule that DN is not within the scope of PT. Unfortunately, they ruled contrary to our Petition and showed a negligible interest in any of our legal, ethical, or safety related concerns. This means we have sufficient grounds to file for a Judicial Review. I will continue to post updates to those interested, although as of right now we’re waiting for the official declaration from the Board before we can follow up with our complaint. For all documents related to the public comment period, our Petition for a Declaratory Order, and the IPTA/APTA’s Brief to Intervene, you can visit the Board’s website here:

In the meantime, if you have some spare change or would like to spread the word we are asking for contributions to our Legal Fund so we can pay the law firm we have retained, McCormick-Belin. They’re a very good firm, and one of their lawyers is a retired Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice (Mark McCormick). They’ve given us a discounted rate, but we still need to raise up to $40k to fully fund this judicial campaign. Links to our PayPal and GoFundMe campaign can be found here:

Thanks for your support!